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The Council of Mayors (SEQ) has long been at the forefront of planning reform and red tape reduction in Queensland, delivering a number of reform projects aimed at streamlining the development assessment processes for residential developments.

Specifically, the Development Assessment Innovation Project (DAIP) was introduced to high-growth Queensland councils in 2013 to streamline assessment processes for low-risk planning applications.

An initiative of the Council of Mayors (SEQ), LGAQ and the Queensland Government, DAIP combined best practice planning processes with tools and resources to enable councils to reduce assessment timeframes.

One of these tools was the Queensland Development Assessment and Planning Portal (QDAP). The portal provided an online space where participating councils could discuss their successes and challenges throughout the implementation of the project and share relevant tools and resources.

Following the completion of DAIP, QDAP continued to remain popular with Queensland planning professionals. Therefore, the Council of Mayors (SEQ) maintained the site to allow planners from across the state to continue to collaborate and share their ideas on development assessment and planning reform.

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  • Investing in Queensland's Core Growth Region: 2015 Queensland State Election Advocacy Document.

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