Regional Waste Management

Waterways and Environment I Council of Mayors (SEQ)

During 2015 the Waste Taskforce, a working group of the Waterways and Environment Committee, investigated current regional waste issues. This included a focus workshop with recycling industry representatives.

The Waste Taskforce and Committee recommended to the Council of Mayors (SEQ) Board that a ten year regional waste action plan be developed to address the faster commercialisation of priority waste streams, namely organics and aggregates, and include targeted actions to grow end markets in the agricultural, infrastructure and construction sectors.

The initial projects identified for action were:

1. Developing agricultural markets for processed organics waste
2. Improving urban amenity through better soils
3. Towards best practice waste management in construction and demolition
4. Building the momentum for glass and tyres reuse in SEQ roads

The Board adopted this approach at its November 2015 meeting. Project teams have been established for the above projects and activity has been underway in 2016 and will continue into 2017. Project teams consist of representatives from member councils, recycling industry, State government and ‘end markets’.

Council of Mayors (SEQ) believes a collaborative approach to resource recovery and the management of waste in South East Queensland is vital to ensuring the future economic, social and environmental health of the South East Queensland region. By working together, more cost-efficient market development and management outcomes will result which deliver cost savings for Councils and increased economic development opportunities for the region, as well as assisting the community to meet the State’s landfill diversion and municipal solid waste recycling targets for South East Queensland.

  • Regional Waste Management Taskforce - Organics and Aggregates Workshop

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