SEQ Mayors welcome Sunshine Coast cable announcement

07 / Sept / 2018 | News

The Council of Mayors (SEQ) congratulates Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson on the recent announcement of a new international submarine cable contract that has been agreed between Sunshine Coast Council and RTI Connectivity Pty Ltd (RTI-C).

The Sunshine Coast international submarine cable has been a regional priority for the Council of Mayors (SEQ) since the commencement of the project, acknowledging the significant economic benefits it will generate for the region and the improved connectivity it will drive for Queensland.

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chair Cr Graham Quirk said this announcement was evidence of the thought-leadership and ability to deliver region shaping initiatives that exists within the councils of South East Queensland.

“Sunshine Coast Council is the first local government in Australia to secure an investment in an international submarine cable, a significant investment for the region given 99 per cent of Australia’s international voice and data traffic travels via submarine cables,” said Cr Quirk.

“Having all of Australia’s east coast international cables landing in Sydney is a disadvantage for Queensland in its ability to attract international investment. I congratulate Mayor Jamieson on this important step forward for the project, and our region.”

The Sunshine Coast international submarine cable includes a 550km kilometre undersea fibre optic cable that will connect the Sunshine Coast to the 9600 kilometre Japan-Guam-Australia South (JGA-S) submarine cable that is currently being delivered by a consortium involving RTI-C, Google and AARNet.

At Guam, the JGA-S cable will connect to the SEA-US Cable System, a highly efficient Trans-Pacific cable which will forge connections between South-East Asia and the United States for more than 1.5 billion people.

The Sunshine Coast international submarine cable project is jointly funded by the Sunshine Coast Council and the Queensland Government, with the project forecast to deliver up to 864 new jobs and stimulate $927 million in new investment in Queensland.