SEQ Mayors vote yes for Olympic Feasibility Study

23 / Sep / 2016 | News

Council of Mayors (SEQ) has today voted to proceed with a feasibility study into a possible bid for the 2028 Olympic Games.

A year ago the Mayors of South East Queensland voted unanimously to support the undertaking of a pre-feasibility study in relation to the potential staging of an Olympic Games.

The SEQ Mayors recently endorsed the findings of that pre-feasibility study which determined there were sufficient economic, social and cultural benefits to warrant further investigation into an SEQ Olympic Games.

The Report concluded that the SEQ region had the potential to successfully bid for and deliver the 2028 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games however detailed analysis was required through a People Mass Movement study, an SEQ Sporting and Performance Space Review and full Olympic Feasibility Study before a bid can be considered.

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chair Cr Graham Quirk said there was strong support from the overwhelming majority of SEQ councils wanting to undertake the proposed program of works.

“This process has demonstrated that an overwhelming majority of SEQ Mayors and Councillors are committed to further investigation into a possible SEQ 2028 Olympic Games bid, and this aligns with the positive support we’ve received from the community and industry in SEQ,” Cr Quirk said.

“A recent independent opinion poll of South East Queenslanders showed 62 per cent of people supported the proposal, with only 30 per cent against it.

“The Council of Mayors (SEQ) believes any opportunity to expedite infrastructure delivery, create jobs and boost the international profile of our region merits further investigation and the majority of SEQ councils see the value in proceeding with this vital program of work.

“This work is about addressing our region’s challenges, how SEQ will support its growing population, secure infrastructure and kick start its economy.

“It is an important conversation this region needs to have regardless of whether we proceed to an Olympic Games bid, and I’m encouraged the majority of councils see the value in working together for the future of SEQ.”

Cr Quirk said a revised budget would mean none of the participating councils would be required to contribute any further funds than had already been committed.

No decision about an Olympic Games bid is needed until 2019, and there are many steps to take before such a decision would be considered.