SEQ Mayors discuss strategy and regional priorities at workshop

07 / Jun / 2015 | News

The South East Queensland (SEQ) Mayors meet tomorrow (Friday 8 June 2012), for the first time since the recent Local Government elections, at the Council of Mayors (SEQ) strategy workshop and board meeting.

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chairman Cr Graham Quirk will welcome four new Mayors to the Board of Directors, Cr Tom Tate, Gold Coast City Council, Cr Mark Jamieson, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Cr Karen Williams, Redland City Council and Cr Paul Antonio, Toowoomba Regional Council.

Moreton Bay Regional Council has also voted to rejoin the Council of Mayors (SEQ), with Mayor Cr Allan Sutherland attending tomorrow’s meeting.

“I look forward to having the new faces around the Council of Mayors (SEQ) table and working together on the issues that affect the whole SEQ region,” Cr Quirk said.

Cr Quirk said a unified team and a clear regional agenda is not only cost effective for our member councils but also creates a better opportunity for working with the State and Federal Governments to ensure the needs of our growing community are addressed.

“Tomorrow’s strategy workshop is about reviewing the progress of the Council of Mayors (SEQ) and identifying the key priorities and strategic issues for the organisation to focus on in the future.

“Working together through the Council of Mayors (SEQ), SEQ Councils have had a lot of success in space of planning reform, infrastructure, housing affordability and environmental sustainability and this work needs to continue, but it is time to devise a regional vision and approach to economic development.

The Mayors are looking to work together to promote the great economic opportunities of SEQ, and partner with both levels of Government to build a productive and sustainable regional economy.

“SEQ as a region is well placed for investment and growth we have a large catchment for the labour market, access to roads, rail and ports and the diversity to support economic growth,” said Cr Quirk.

“Council of Mayors (SEQ) is also committed to working together to promote faster, more efficient development approval and planning processes to help provide more certainty for business,” he said.