SEQ councils take their marks for Olympic feasibility decision

22 / Aug / 2016 | News

Brisbane City Council and the City of Gold Coast will be the first of the eleven SEQ councils to decide whether to back further investigations into an SEQ 2028 Olympic Games, when both councils meet tomorrow (Tues).

The SEQ Mayors recently endorsed the findings of a pre-feasibility study which determined there are sufficient economic, social and cultural benefits to warrant further studies into an SEQ Olympic Games. Councils will now vote to formalise the commitment of funds and support for the project to proceed.

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chair Cr Graham Quirk said a number of councils had already received detailed briefings on the pre-feasibility analysis and the proposed program of work, and the response had been overwhelmingly positive.

“Regardless of any Olympic Games bid, we as a region need to ask some tough questions around how SEQ will support its growing population, secure infrastructure and kick start its economy. The program of work we’re asking councils to back will certainly do this,” said Cr Quirk.

“This work isn’t just about a three-week sporting event, it’s about bringing the State and Federal governments to the table to address the needs of SEQ and having the hard facts to support our ongoing calls for better public transport and roads for our communities.”

The Council of Mayors’ (SEQ) Pre-feasibility Analysis Report was conducted over a 12 month timeframe, and assessed the region’s ability to meet a number of high level pre-requisites for bidding for and hosting an Olympic Games.

The Report concluded that the SEQ region has the potential to successfully mount a bid for and deliver the 2028 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. However, detailed analysis is required through a People Mass Movement study, a regional venues review and full Olympic feasibility study before a bid can be considered.

“There has been much speculation regarding the holding of an SEQ Olympic Games but the introduction of Olympic Agenda 2020 means the costs of bidding for and hosting a Games from 2024 onwards could be vastly different to those of London and Rio,” said Cr Quirk.

“The Council of Mayors (SEQ) believes any opportunity to expedite infrastructure delivery, create jobs and boost the international profile of our region merits further investigation. We’re confident the majority of SEQ’s Councillors see the value in proceeding with this vital program of work.”

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Treasurer and Redland City Mayor Cr Karen Williams said Redland City Councillors were expected to formally support further investigations into an SEQ 2028 Olympic Games when they meet on Wednesday.

“Redland City was one of the first to receive a briefing on the pre-feasibility analysis and Councillors have already given their informal support for continuing with a feasibility study,” said Cr Williams.

“This week I will table a Mayoral Minute asking Councillors to formally endorse the Council of Mayors’ (SEQ) investigations that will provide the information we as a region need to decide whether it is in our interests to continue with a formal bid process.

“Obviously there are a lot of questions, but equally there is a lot of opportunity and we owe it to our communities to gather as much information as possible so an informed decision can be made.”

The eleven councils of SEQ will consider whether to back further investigations into an SEQ 2028 Olympic Games over the coming weeks. A final decision by the Council of Mayors (SEQ) is expected next month.