Mayors call for strong government partnerships and community involvement to protect SEQ

11 / Mar / 2010 | News

The liveability of South East Queensland in the face of growth pressures requires a stronger partnership between all levels of government and a stronger commitment to work with the community to protect what is best about the region, according to the Council of Mayors (SEQ).

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chairman Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said SEQ Mayors were advocating a broad strategy for a collaborative approach across Federal, State and Local Governments in planning for the future of South East Queensland.

“The challenges facing South East Queensland are too great for any single level of government,” Cr Newman said.

“Productivity, liveability and sustainability are what make South East Queensland unique. We need to maintain and enhance these values in planning for the future of the region.

“Most importantly, we need to give the community a say on where and how growth is planned for in their region.

“There needs to be a collaborative partnership of the Federal, State and Local Governments, implemented through local councils.”

Cr Newman said the Federal and State Governments, through national population policy and the SEQ Regional Plan, must set the broad growth parameters.

“Local governments, as the closest link to the community, then need to work with their residents to develop local plans on how broader policies and local needs can be achieved,” he said.

Key principles of the strategy include:
– calling on the Federal Government to consider population policy in the context of productive, liveable and sustainable cities;
– calling on the State Government to recommit its support to the SEQ Regional Plan;
– seeking recognition from State and Federal Governments that the community must be involved in where and how the growth will be planned in their region; and
– developing a vision and a partnership approach to integrated planning, including infrastructure and public transport.

The Council of Mayors (SEQ) also recommends that the SEQ Infrastructure Plan and Program and the draft Connecting SEQ 2031 (Integrated Regional Transport Plan) should be more closely linked to the South East Queensland Regional Plan.