SEQ Mayors call for major investment in Queensland’s Core Growth Region

22 / Jan / 2015 | News

South-East Queensland Mayors have called on the major political parties to ensure investment in regional Queensland does not come at the expense of SEQ, Queensland’s Core Growth Region.

In launching its State Election Advocacy Document today, Investing in Queensland’s Core Growth Region, Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chairman Cr Graham Quirk said an underinvestment in SEQ’s future would be to the detriment of all Queenslanders.

“Even through the mining boom, Queensland’s growth over the last decade has substantially come from SEQ. We are Queensland’s Core Growth Region and the election commitments of the major parties should reflect this,” Cr Quirk said.

“SEQ is not a competitor to regional Queensland. It’s a driver of economic growth, investment and wealth creation for the entire state. Put simply, if SEQ works, Queensland works.

“This document focuses on the five key areas essential to SEQ’s ongoing success: Natural Disaster Recovery and Resilience, Waterways and Environment, Infrastructure, Planning and Economic Development.

“Disaster recovery continues to have a major impact on SEQ. The newly elected Queensland Government needs to put a greater focus on building resilience in the region but not at the expense of genuine recovery funds.

“Closely related to this is the need for the committed upgrades to the Bruce Highway, Gateway and Toowoomba Bypass to be delivered along with further commitments to crucial projects such as the North Coast Rail Line.

Cr Quirk said the recommendations outlined in Investing in Queensland’s Core Growth Region deliver a reasonable, sensible and affordable approach to keep SEQ growing, and deserve the support of the Queensland Government and Opposition.

“During this busy campaign period, the Council of Mayors (SEQ) is committed to fight for the funding needed to drive future growth and prosperity for the state.”

For the full list of priorities outlined in Investing in Queensland’s Core Growth Region: 2015 Queensland State Election Advocacy Document, visit