All levels of Government need to work together to deliver a liveable SEQ

26 / May / 2010 | News

South East Queensland Mayors have reiterated the need for all levels of Government to work together on planning and delivery of infrastructure and services to maintain the liveability of a rapidly growing SEQ.

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chairman Councillor Campbell Newman said the initiatives announced by the Premier today were “very positive” and called for the partnership approach used to develop the SEQ Regional Plan to be applied to growth management in the region.

“SEQ Mayors welcome better coordination of the planning and delivery for infrastructure into major new urban areas such as Ripley Valley, Greater Flagstone and Greater Yarrabilba with the involvement of the Urban Land Development Authority,” Cr Newman said.

“It is essential however that the ULDA work closely with local councils to ensure the local community has its say on development.

“An issue in rolling out major master planning has been the lack of coordination across State agencies. The enhanced role for the ULDA and the establishment of the Growth Management Queensland Agency should address this challenge.

“We also need to recognise that getting infill development right is critical to a sustainable region, as the SEQ Regional Plan outlines a need to accommodate about 50 per cent of our growth in centres and along public transport corridors.”

Cr Newman said rolling out infrastructure ahead of growth is a key ingredient to achieving liveability in SEQ and funding of that infrastructure is a major challenge.

“The current SEQ Infrastructure Plan and Program identifies over $100 billion of projects that need to be delivered over the next 16 years,” Cr Newman said.

“A Taskforce to look at the infrastructure charges regime to ensure that developers, rate payers and governments are paying a fair share is a good start. But this is only part of the broader challenge.”

Cr Newman said he noted that the Government’s announcements would improve the delivery of the ambitious targets for dwellings set by the SEQ Regional Plan.

“The ULDA has been given a role in fast tracking both greenfield and infill sites, but the bulk of the challenge is still with councils and their planning scheme reviews on how those targets can be achieved.

“Brisbane is required to accommodate 156,000 dwellings by 2031 of which 138,000 have to be within established urban areas.
“Delivery of the full SEQ Regional Plan, which is regarded as national best practice, will require all levels of government working together to ensure SEQ remains the most liveable region in Australia.”