Fund Our Future: A campaign for the National Growth Areas Alliance

08 / Apr / 2016 | News

If you are stuck in traffic for hours every day – or your business is – it’s costing you time, money and causing stress.

If you live or work in a fast-growing suburb on the outskirts of Australia’s capital cities, you know that communities like ours are unfairly burdened by congested roads and inadequate public transport. Poor access to health facilities adds to the crisis.

We need a policy shift to address the infrastructure backlog and future-proof our areas, as they continue to grow. Tell politicians to Fund our Future through a dedicated infrastructure fund for fast-growing outer growth suburbs.

Fund our Future is a national campaign, for the National Growth Areas Alliance, for an infrastructure fund to support the fast growing outer suburbs with roads, public transport and health facilities.

You can find more information about the Fund Our Future campaign and sign the petition at