Feds need to keep up infrastructure spend: SEQ Mayors

12 / May / 2010 | News

The Federal Government will need to maintain a high level of infrastructure spending to underpin economic growth and remove capacity constraints, but last night’s Federal Budget falls well short of funding that commitment, SEQ Mayors say.

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chairman Councillor Campbell Newman said the proposed allocation of $700 million in the Budget for new infrastructure was only a fraction of the commitment that is needed.

“The Federal Government’s initial contribution of $700 million in 2012-13 is a start, but it would only fund around two or three kilometres of new urban motorway each year right across Australia,” Cr Newman said.

“Much more will be required if our cities are to deliver the productivity needed for the economic growth that underpins this Budget.”

Cr Newman said SEQ was home to one in seven Australians and was punching above its weight, delivering around one-fifth of the nation’s growth.

“We have a huge backlog of infrastructure work that needs to be done and we need to see the Commonwealth fully committed to funding its fair share into the future,” he said.

“The Council of Mayors (SEQ) has highlighted seven urgently needed infrastructure projects for SEQ.

“We will be asking both major parties for direct commitments on these key projects in the months ahead of the federal election.”

The Council of Mayors (SEQ) has identified the Pacific Motorway and Warrego Highway upgrades, the Gold Coast Heavy Rail extension, the Toowoomba Bypass and the Eastern Busway projects, the Kingsford Smith Drive corridor, and the Sunshine Coast Airport runway extension as ‘national priority’ infrastructure projects that require federal government investment.