Cruise ship terminals mean big business for SEQ

12 / Feb / 2016 | News

The Port of Brisbane’s proposed $100 million cruise ship terminal at Luggage Point signals big things to come for South East Queensland, according to the region’s Mayors.

The proposal will enable supersized liners to easily dock in Brisbane and increase the region’s slice of Australia’s $3.2 billion cruise industry. The initial investment opportunity had been promoted domestically and internationally by the Council of Mayors (SEQ) since 2014.

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chair Cr Graham Quirk said these super liners could carry more than 6,000 passengers at a time, so having a purpose built terminal to allow them to safely dock is essential for any major city.

“The Council of Mayors (SEQ) recognises the huge economic value of this proposal, and therefore, had been advocating for it for a number of years,” said Cr Quirk.

“At a local level, Brisbane City Council included this location in the local plan in 2012 and in City Plan 2014 for a potential cruise ship terminal. We’re pleased to see the Port of Brisbane has now received the support of the State Government for this project.

“The proposed deep water terminal at Luggage Point will enable vessels of any size to dock in Brisbane, and could be up and running by as early as 2019. The nature of the proposal means it will be 100 percent privately funded. No tax payer or rate payer funds are required.

“Currently, larger cruise ships have to dock at the grain terminal at Fisherman Island due to the lack of turning space at the Portside Hamilton facility. Fisherman Island is a heavy industrial area not designed to cater for passengers. As a region, I think we can and must do a lot better than that.

“The popularity of cruising is on the rise and generates billions in tourism dollars, we need to ensure our cities are equipped with the right infrastructure to enable SEQ to capitalise on this boom.”

The Port of Brisbane proposal, backed by major cruise operators Carnival and Royal Caribbean, would be housed on a 20ha site on the northern side of the Brisbane River near Luggage Point, and would replace the existing facility at Portside Hamilton.