Council of Mayors SEQ admit Ipswich City Council back to fold

26 / Feb / 2010 | News

The Council of Mayors SEQ formally admitted Ipswich City Council back to the fold at today’s Board Meeting.

The Council of Mayors (SEQ) Pty Ltd resolved unanimously to admit Ipswich City Council to the organisation on the basis of conditions that are reproduced as stated in the resolution as follows:

a) A fee representing the annual 2009/2010 administration and project budget contribution for Ipswich City Council be paid immediately, and

b) Ipswich City Council respond, in writing, to acknowledge that the Council of Mayors (SEQ) Pty Ltd is now an ASIC Corporations Law company and all directors recognise their duties and responsibilities under the law, and particularly agree to observe the company’s adopted policies:
• Code of Conduct
• Meeting procedure
• Media protocol
• Financial management protocol
• The company constitution
• And to treat fellow directors with respect.