Regional Pest Management

Waterways and Environment I Council of Mayors (SEQ)

One of the most significant challenges facing Queensland is to prevent and minimise the impact of weeds and pest animals to agricultural and other industries, local and state resources, ecosystems and community wellbeing. The Biosecurity Act 2014 establishes a general biosecurity obligation for all Queenslanders and requires local government to have a biosecurity plan for invasive biosecurity matter for its local government area.

Currently all local governments in Queensland contribute an annual payment to the Land Protection Fund. The Fund is overseen by the Statewide Oversight Group which determines on-ground and research activities that help local government manage invasive animals and invasive plants in the local government’s area.

An SEQ Regional Pest Management Sub-Committee of the Waterways and Environment Committee has been established with representatives from all member councils and state government. The sub-committee’s objectives are:
1. Identify priorities for investment that are based on regional pest management priorities identified in Local Government Biosecurity Plans, risk assessment of emerging species or issues and relevant State pest management plans.
2. Review currently funded activities against regional priorities for continuation or transition to new investments.
3. Consider interactions with other funded programs in the region.
4. Reach consensus on priorities and projects in a collaborative manner.
5. Engage with stakeholders to identify other projects and priorities that leverage additional resources for enhanced outcomes.
6. Develop Expressions of Interest including approximate resource requirements for coordination and alignment by the Statewide Oversight Group.
7. Engage and coordinate with other Regional Pest Management Sub-Committees on potential projects/activities.
8. Undertake six monthly project implementation review and provide regional views to the Statewide Oversight Group about statewide projects.
9. Contribute information and advice for input by the Council of Mayors (SEQ) Board to external regional organisations.