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Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Project (Gowrie to Port of Brisbane)

The Inland Rail Project is a significant nation-building initiative. The SEQ section from the NSW border to the Port of Brisbane, via Kagaru and Acacia Ridge, will have a massive business and environmental impact across the SEQ Region. It will be a major facilitator for both the Toowoomba Enterprise Hub and Bromelton State Development Area, west of Beaudesert.

The Toowoomba Enterprise Hub will inject more than $6 billion annually into the region’s economy and will complement the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing and the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport to provide a vital new logistical hub of national importance. Bromelton SDA is currently the only area available in SEQ for industrial development with access to the both the National Standard gauge and Queensland gauge rail infrastructure, providing connectivity to Sydney and Brisbane on the existing coastal rail network. Stage One of Bromelton is 1,052 hectares with a developed value of $5 billion. The Inland Rail project will intersect with the existing coastal line at Kagaru, at the northern end of Bromelton SDA, placing this site at the new crossroads of interstate rail freight between Brisbane and Sydney via the coast and Brisbane and Melbourne across the great divide. Both projects will open up significant new opportunities for logistics facilities and renewal across the region.

The Inland Rail project also provides a potential opportunity to bring forward the Salisbury to Beaudesert Passenger Rail project, which is mentioned elsewhere in this document. There is the potential to share infrastructure and deliver cost and time savings though ensuring that passenger rail is supported as part of any design process carried out for Inland Rail.

As part of the Inland Rail Project’s planning, it will be necessary to tunnel through the established urban area from Acacia Ridge to the Port of Brisbane.

$4-6 million

LGA Brisbane, Scenic Rim, Toowoomba

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