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Investigating alternative infrastructure funding models

29 / Sep / 2012

The Council of Mayors (SEQ) has been lobbying the Queensland Government to investigate an alternative funding model to deliver the infrastructure needed to service South East Queensland’s (SEQ) growing population.

In response to the Queensland Government’s Delivering an Infrastructure Plan for Queensland directions paper, the SEQ Mayors urge [...]

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Current Project

Queensland Development and Planning Portal

29 / Sep / 2014

The Council of Mayors (SEQ) has long been at the forefront of planning reform and red tape reduction in Queensland, delivering a number of reform projects aimed at streamlining the development assessment processes for residential developments.

Specifically, the Development Assessment Innovation Project (DAIP) was introduced to high-growth Queens [...]

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Current Project

Development Assessment Process Reform - Operational Works and Large Subdivisions

29 / Sep / 2015

In June 2011, the State Government announced the allocation of funding for a range of initiatives in response to the Building Revival Forum held in April. A proposal developed by the Council of Mayors (SEQ) and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) was successful in securing
a portion of this funding.

The project, known as Devel [...]

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