Monitoring of DA underway

04 / Apr / 2017 | News

The Council of Mayors’ (SEQ) Development Assessment (DA) Monitoring Project has now progressed to the implementation of nine councils in SEQ, and the development of interactive ‘dashboards’ that provide more analysis of data and clearer reporting.

The aim of the project is to provide comprehensive and accurate performance reporting for DA processes of councils across Queensland.

Specifically, the ‘dashboard’ connects into existing council software to extract the relevant DA data to generate performance reports. The reports can be generated within each participating council and serve as a useful reporting tool for Mayors, CEOs and relevant council executives.

Previously, data of this nature was collated by the State. Now, the DA Monitoring Project enables local governments to be at the forefront of the creation and ownership of this data.

The latest advancements of the DA Monitoring Project demonstrate how the Council of Mayors (SEQ) and its member councils continue to lead the nation in the delivery of best practice planning processes.